Claims assistance

You may at some point in your military career find yourself needing an Advocate or Claims assistant.

Through his own personal experience, John has extensive knowledge in Initial Liability and Permanent Impairment claims, processing along with many successful internal reviews of Incapacity payments and Legislative compliance.

John has an edge in knowing how to guide an application through the myriad of Legislative requirements faced by Applicants in the DVA process, where he pre-empts, prepares and prevails in most disputes.


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John prepares specifically for each individual application, where each case is prepared upon its own merits.


John utilises Practitioner Guides and DVA claims reference material, something not often used by RSL Advocates in preparation of claims.


John's diligence and care is reflected in the results obtained for his clients.


John has achieved success not only in Permanent Impairment claims handling but in an Incapacity Payment claim netting the client a substantial back payment.


John can assist  you to lodge claims for:

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Initial Liability

  • Permanent Impairment


Applying for a Retro Spective change in mode of discharge can be a tough process. John is more than experienced in handling these applications. Recent success included a 34 year back payment and reversal of mode of discharge.


  • Medical Discharge

  • Retrospective Discharge


Department of Defence

  • Response to Notice to Show Cause

  • Military Disciplinary actions


John will prepare and file these documents along with supporting you throughout the entire process.

Defence Legal

Have you been issued a Notice to Show Cause? John can assist you to formulate and prepare your response.

Likewise with Redress of Grievance applications, contact John for an appointment.

SRCA claim form
MRCA claim form
White card application