Our Welfare centre located in Salisbury South is named after the late Australian Army Soldier, Jesse Bird.

Vera Simmons is a qualified Rehabilitation Consultant with over 25 years in the industry. 

Vera's passion and commitment has led her to working with current and former service members both with the ADF and DVA.

Vera offers a holistic approach assisting clients with:

  • establishing their treating medical providers to obtain the best medical treatment for their medical conditions to facilitate their medical recovery,

  • restoring them back into the civilian community via social activity to reduce their social anxiety and subsequently increase their social confidence in a social setting,

  • identifying their retraining option and providing job seeking support until suitable employment is secured.

Vera not only provides support to the client, but also to the client's immediate family.

Where to find us!

"Jesse Bird" Contemporary Veteran                   Welfare Centre.

Unit 1, 2 Bremen Drive. Salisbury South, South Australia.